Ever think Hybrid when playing Ad?

Sorry for not posting an August Edition. I was enjoying myself in D.R.. As the heading asks, have you ever thought about getting some hybrid items on an Ad? Some players, for example Zekent, have tried Hybrid Tryndamere to success. When you look at it, too, it may actually be better that the regular Ad/Crit build due to being able to sustain yourself on lane constantly and and teamfights after you ult, catching your opponent offguard. If you look at his ratio on his Q, you'll be amazed that he can heal 1.5 times his Ap ratio. Plus, if you look at his E, he can literally burst down a person from 100 to like 30, and then just do it again.
If Tryndamere can go Hybrid, then the same could be said for Fiora, or even Master Yi. I've even seen a hybrid Warwick own in Teamfights before. So why don't people change their way of playing these champions. Mainly because of peer pressure. Many people like to hear the advice of Higher Elo players, and I'm not saying thats a bad thng, but if you want to better perform in a game, you gotta go that build that you made yourself from heart. It fits your playstyle, wins you games, and makes the enemy have no idea what your actions will be. Like a year ago, I used to play WW berfore his passive change as an AS Crit sustain Carry. I was able to take down single targets in teamfights and never die. One day, I decided to listen to a professional, and instead of that Phanton dancer, I went the Madred's Razor. Even though we won, the Razor was too much of a luxury item and delayed my champion's potential.
So what do you think about going against the meta and building Hybrid on our Ads? Please comment and remember, always think outside of the box.