Hello, and welcome to my Blog post. I will be introducing a new Series called, "Against the Meta W/ Megames1".Today, I want to talk about runes and what should be added. They may sound sound crazy, but that is what Against the Meta is all about.

Runes are used to increase your early, middle, and in some cases, late game power. Some Runes increase your tankiness. Others help you get to lane faster, and others help with last hitting at tower. There are many runes to choose from, but is there enough diversity?
What I believe Runes should do is maximize a trait or traits on your character. For instance, if you thought your champion's range was short, you could get runes to extend your reach. This would be beneficial to kiting and avoiding harass.
Another Rune idea that Zilla had suggested was to make Armor Pen per level Runes. I agree with this idea because the current armor pen runes only help with the early phase of the game, and your better off with Attack damage. It'll make champions that rely on their abilities weak early game, but slowly the amount of damage they deal goes up. Think of it as Attack Damage for late game.
Another idea for a rune are ones that shorten the time of, perhaps, summoners spells, or shorten the time it takes to teleport for one place on the map to another. Heck, maybe there should be Runes that reduce cast time so that certain champions like Orianna can pull of combos better.
There are many more ideas i can think of, but that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this and am hoping to see you next time on, "Against the Meta W/ Megames1".