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  • Mentaljosh

    Roles: Hybrid, Melee – A true Hybrid that benefits from both attack damage and AP, built to deal damage where it hurts, but requires a tanky team or heavy CC to excel. Glass cannon with strong damage and spells, but horrible defense stats similar to Fiddle’s before the new tweaks.

    (Innate): Every 10/8/6 kills causes Konpaku to cultivate the essense of souls into a malevolent spirit that lasts for 10 seconds. This minion has 200 + (50 x level) health and deals 10 |Magic Damage|(+1% of total ability power). These spirits deal double damage to minions and neutral monsters, and slow champions by 9%.

    Abscission Zone

    (Active): Konpaku slashes the air with her sword, causing a shockwave that cuts a single targeted enemy, dealing magic damage. After…

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  • Mentaljosh

    League of Legends had always been on in my daily repertoire of free MMO games, but it never really struck me as a game I HAD to play. I had first come upon it by Googleing the word ‘lol’ (Don’t tell me you’ve never done it). Upon seeing a game named after my default internet slang word of choice, I “lol’d” and moved on. Cut to a few months later. I was chilling in my room, reading a book (No, seriously) when my friend called me on my cell. Picking up the phone, he literally screamed that I had to accept his request to join the masses at an online video game. It wasn’t Tetris. Seeing how he is a good friend of mine, I caved in to his request and downloaded the game. After the first hour I was hooked, lined, and sinker(ed?). The gam…

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