League of Legends had always been on in my daily repertoire of free MMO games, but it never really struck me as a game I HAD to play. I had first come upon it by Googleing the word ‘lol’ (Don’t tell me you’ve never done it). Upon seeing a game named after my default internet slang word of choice, I “lol’d” and moved on. Cut to a few months later. I was chilling in my room, reading a book (No, seriously) when my friend called me on my cell. Picking up the phone, he literally screamed that I had to accept his request to join the masses at an online video game. It wasn’t Tetris. Seeing how he is a good friend of mine, I caved in to his request and downloaded the game. After the first hour I was hooked, lined, and sinker(ed?). The game has been the one thing I frequently play, and I have the wiki on my Favorites bar despite having no memory of putting it there. But I digress, and I’m not removing it.

Over my years of playing in the League, I’ve come across many champions that have caught my eye. But the one that really has me rooting for is Wukong, the Monkey King. The hype Riot built up for him was amazing, and I was expecting an OP champion that would eventually be nerfed to the state of having no one play him. But despite my expectations, he really was balanced. I’m actually kind of disappointed, seeing how I can’t faceroll my wins with him that well. His story was interesting, and his character designs were immense. All in all, Wukong is my favorite champion.

PS. If I don’t win, do I at least get an A on this paragraph writing? :3