Hi there,
Im playing lol for 2 years now. I played it for joy ultill season 3 and always hated dealing with flamers and ragers. I was always the first one who said "please stop flaming". I saw no reason to flame and explained it and tried to appease the flamers. "It's just a game". Untill Season 3. I started playing rankeds with huge success, and games started to have a value. A value which other players didn't seem to esteem. And there it was. A reason for me to flame. People did mistakes that shouldn't have been done in what's used to be 2k elo. And within one month i managed to get matched with so many of those individuals i ended up beeing warned and two weeks later banned. I haven't been warned the 2 years before that. Looking at the case review i am shocked when i see what i'm capable of.
This isn't a thread to complain about the matchmaking or anything, I just want to warn people that playing rankeds may cause them to turn into something they aren't used to be.
Take you time to decide if you want to start playing ranked, don't just do it because you can.