Hey riotgamesinc/league of legends (LoL), I think LoL is one of the best free online games. I started playing around beginning of this year, around February 2011. My friends at school told me about it and later on I passed on to my other friends. They all enjoy it and they still are. My IGN is miden24, so if you want to play with me, add me. The game has been great so far, rarely any hacks in this game, great time playing with premades and having fun. Why do I play this? Well it's like a hangout with friends. We are all playing the same game which we both like and enjoy. Each match ranges between 20-60 minutes, but I don't complain. Overall, League of Legends is a great game which anybody can appreciate playing.

Its only been months since I've been playing this. There are so many champions I have played, but there's one that I love playing- Maokai, the twisted treant. There's always the time where your team are stubborn and don't wanna tank, and that leave me to tank with maokai. I usually build Maokai with tanky items, but sometimes AP tank. When in game, his sapling toss ability, is so powerful when it gets to level 5. It can kill a batch of minions just like that. Usually supporters and maybe tanks don't farm much in game, but I can get many minion kills wiht just the sapling toss. Maokai's abilities used in a combo is qutie deadly for the enemy- i called it the 1-2-3-4 combo. I start with the snare, then throw the sapling near him, then arcane smash the enemy to the sapling, finally Ultimate with Vengeful Maelstrom, dealing major damage to the oppenent. And don't forget his passive, where he can heal himself after 5 spells have been casted. That can help him stay alive. Maokai is a very fun tree to use in game. I don't usually get kills, but I do major damage which makes Maokai, the Twisted Treant my favorite champion to play.

Miden24 01:13, August 8, 2011 (UTC)miden24