Lucas the Chaos Lord

After he had ran away for his village. He encounters a battle there was this guy who could transform into a giant bird while a guy with an extending spear was fighting. After the battle the bird guy was victorious. Lucas walk towards him the guy transformed back to normal and saw Lucas. He saw in Lucas' eyes the lust for power, that made the guy take him. Lucas was brought to his fortress and he introduced him self. Swain the gave Lucas a black necklace. Lucas' hands burst into flames, but he did not felt anything. He practiced with his new powers everyday. He used his hate for his brother to fuel his flames with made his flames turn black. He finally was ready he went back to his village to show everyone his new powers. Instead of show his powers he set the whole village on fire. He burnt his old friends, his parents everyone could not escape. He sadly could not find Louis and teleported away. When he returned to Swain's fortress. Swain told him to join the league of legends. He agrees to join hoping that his brother will join as well. He now waits for a chance to burn his brother with his dark flames.

Passive: Dark Flames

Lucas' basic damage burns the target 3 +5%AP for 3 seconds.

Q spell: Flame Wall

Creates a wall of dark flames that burns enemies that go through it for 10/15/20/25/30 +5%ap for 5 sec (Last 3 seconds longer if target is afflicted by dark flames)

Cool down: 15/20/25/30/35 seconds Mana: 10/20/30/40/50