• MidnightStar LoL

    Midnight Star

    August 17, 2013 by MidnightStar LoL

    Midnight Star, the Dark Vigilante is a custom champion that is made to be a Hybrid Melee fighter with good dueling capabilities. Counter-burst play is highly recommended.

    • Good dueling capabilities.
    • Anti-burst ability.

    • The ULT will ALWAYS kill you.
    • Long cooldowns.

    Midnight has been alone for as long as he can remember. He learned by watching from the shadows, he saw happiness, sadness, and pain. He was always incredibly lonely, but he locked those feelings away and pushed forward. He witnessed thieves, liars, and murderers every day, and it nearly drove him insane. When he came of age, he left his home of Bilgewater and wandered across Valoran for years, searching for a place of peace and harmony, that he might be free of his haunting memories.


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