• Mikhailol

    So what

    November 14, 2013 by Mikhailol

    I kinda expect this post to be flooded by "butthurt scrub" comments but I want to try to make a point anyway. Just yesterday I was reading an essay that basically said that one of the Internet's biggest flaws is that it gives to anybody the possibility to let their opinion be known to everyone else, so might as well take advantage of that.

    With the end of S3 many of the people I play with have hit Gold and Silver, and the whole community is discussing their approach towards the incoming S4. In the past two months I've been trying to improve my MMR, with little to no result: I am currently in Bronze 1 and I can't really say that it's anyone's fault but mine. After a series of failed attempts, in which each win was followed by at least two lo…

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