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    Here's how it goes. I will input a champion icon, but with a quote that doesn't even fit the champion at all. The next person finds out who that quote belongs to and give this new champion a new very unfitting quote.

    For example:

    1st user types -  : Demacia, now and forever!

    2nd user types -  : Only you can hear me summmoner, what masterpiece shall I play today?

    3rd user types -  : (I haven't got a brain, and soon, neither will you!)

    The purpose of this "game" (or should I say experiment) is to find out how uncanny and out of personality a character can be if given someone else's quote, or if said quote actually fits the champion (in a humourous way perhaps). In any case, try to give the least fitting or funniest quote for the current champion …

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  • Mineko Charat Lucky

    Naturally, people generally are happy when they win a game, any game, not just League of Legends. It is also natural that one would be annoyed when they lost a game in League.

    There are however, cases where you are frustrated when you win, or happy that you lost. Do you have any games of that sort? I could share some experiences of mine.

    Even on ranked games, if we won our games just because one enemy on the team disconnected because of ragequitting, I personally do not enjoy that free win, as it proves nothing that I'm realistically climbing up the ladder. I'm more of a person who prefers to make "amazing plays that win the game for us" regardless of role, outsmart the opponent, punish them for their mistakes, bait them into making mistakes…

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  • Mineko Charat Lucky

    Probably because Neon's blog made me want to do this too, and considering I'm just passively keeping an eye on every blog post posted on this wiki, constantly recategorizing blogs to their proper places these days, instead of being an active poster back in the day. Something fresh to talk about would be nice. I took a long hibernation from doing concepts.

    I am one of the moderators in this wiki... to be honest my job is way too specialized to be a proper moderator - monitor and modify blogs, but since we don't have positions like "Blog janitor" or "Occasional recent activity monitor" a Moderator position will do. It's been past 2 years since I've been here, and I kinda enjoy visiting here daily.

    But enough talk, have at y... I mean, ask away…

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  • Mineko Charat Lucky

    Remember how there was this huge issue nearly half a year ago about "Limited Edition" skins for Harrowing and Snowdown Showdown 2010 - 2011 skins? Since the changing of these skins from Limited Edition to Legacy, these skins have appeared once again, available for purchase.

    P.S. I still freaking hate Garena for not selling any of the Winter Olympics skins. Anivia-sama whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;_;

    Which brings us to a particular limited edition thing that somehow has been forgotten by everyone - What ever happened to these?


    • Mark of the Crippling Candy Cane (Tier 2.5, critical damage)
    • Glyph of the Special Stocking (Tier 2.5, cooldown reduction)
    • Seal of the Elusive Snowflake (Tier 2.5, dodge chance)
    • Mark of the Yuletide Tannenbaum (Tier…

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  • Mineko Charat Lucky

    Quite a number of players have argued over the topic of "What is the best/meta team comp?", in which the real answer is that there is none, as different team compositions have different play styles and different strength and weaknesses. While there is no "best team comp", there are however, "good team comps". A good, standard team comp has a standard bruiser, jungler, mage, support, and carr... I mean marksman, with a 1-1-2 (1) lane setup. On a higher levels, team members actually know how to swap lanes, or even transition the solo bruiser lane to 1(1)-1-2 lanes.

    Generally, a good team composition has most of these things - mobility, poke, sustain, initiation, disengage, damage, control, tankiness. But what makes a team composition dreadful…

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