Remember back in the days where Malphite Malphite and Ezreal Ezreal were forgotten or treated as useless? I believe it's somewhere around mid-late Season 2 that people realized they're actually very powerful. (Malphite is actually pick or ban even till now, and Ezreal is king before the attack speed reduction removal with a win rate of 70%)

It's really weird when people finally noticed attack speed reduction is a ridiculous anti-ADC ability, and forcing an ADC out of a teamfight usually means a win especially during late game. It is here that I wondered: "Does attack speed reduction alone make them very powerful?". Looking through all the champions that have attack speed reduction, we have:

Anivia Anivia: Nah, that 20% attack speed reduction is barely noticeable at all when you have more dangerous stuff to worry about like her Crystallize.png Crystallize and her ridiculous Frostbite.png Frostbite burst.

Darius Darius: His Crippling Strike.png Crippling Strike combined with Hemorrhage.png Hemorrhage makes him win trades vs autoattack heavy solo tops should he want to force a fight and kills AD carries that got Apprehend.png Apprehended.

Gragas Gragas: As awkward as Anivia, you don't really notice that his Barrel Roll.png Barrel Roll reduces like 40% Attack Speed should it hit, probably because you don't see him anywhere but top or mid. But seriously, 40% attack speed reduction basically means the enemy ADC's output is nearly halved.

Lee Sin Lee Sin: Yeah, he's sometimes banned, and it's not solely because of Cripple.png Cripple, it's that and all of his kit. Cripple does really force people to Flash or die when he ganks correctly though.

Malphite Malphite: I'd say Ground Slam.png Ground Slam alone makes him a pick or ban. Without the Attack Speed reduction, a player would have picked champions with better CC like Alistar Alistar or Nautilus Nautilus.

Nasus Nasus: You don't really see this guy often especially when you go higher up in skill. Wither.png Wither has the best attack speed reduction in the game and totally shuts down any sort of auto attack threat. People are more afraid of his 300 minion farmed Siphoning Strike.png Siphoning Strike though.

Nunu Nunu: And finally, this guy. Ice Blast.png Ice Blast does actually make him annoying and an autoattack character's threat. It's usually because of the movement speed slow more than the attack speed reduction though.

Honorable mention, Ezreal Ezreal: Back in the days when Essence Flux.png Essence Flux is a nightmare for AD carries... Yeah, you know those days when you get hit by this and literally can't fight back for a while. Riot had to reduce the projectile size of this ability before totally removing the attack speed reduction from it.

Oh and don't forget Randuin's Omen item.png Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart too, it's the reason why tanks buy them, to counter enemy ADC output.

So after looking at Ezreal's attack speed reduction removed, I wondered, Malphite would probably be removed from permabanned status should the attack speed reduction be removed or reduced from his E. It is THE second most potent attack speed reduction in the game after all. What's more, it's AoE.