(Warning: This drivel may bore certain people to death, viewer-discretion is advised)

We all know AniviaSquare Anivia's splash model is as hideous as Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath's and WarwickSquare Warwick's, that's for sure.

But the thing is, there is some problems with Anivia's model design, think about it.

Without looking at my profile avatar (which is a humanoid female version of Anivia drawn by NAM), think back to the days you started playing League of Legends. The first time you saw Anivia's splash art, did you thought Anivia's male, or a female ?

Turns out, a lot of people thought she was an awesome and cool phoenix dude at first, no pun intended.

She is somewhat equal to KayleSquare Kayle, in the sense that people thought both of them are blokes, so what exactly caused the gender confusion (for Anivia's case)?

The 'hair', maybe? (Birds don't have hair though) Well yeah, spiky hair doesn't link to women in general unless if it's punk-cut or animoo-JRPG-ish haircuts.

Maybe her beak then, her beak's size in the splash makes her out to be kinda, male-ish.

Red eyes are ambiguous, but they somehow amplify masculinity caused by her hair even more (take VladimirSquare Vladimir for example), but that's a minor factor.

So, how exactly do we solve that ambiguity problem?

Move on from the Classic and viewing her Blackfrost skin, despite all the sharp points and silver armor, you'll notice Anivia looks much more feminine than the Classic. Wondered why?

Blackfrost Anivia has extra decorations, the sapphire for starters, and that long-flowing-ribbon-thing she has on the sides.

If you observe the splash more carefully, her beak's much more smaller, and her "hair" isn't as spiky as Classic.

Also, if you look at her Chinese splash art however, Anivia has extra flowing appendages too.

So, if you want to make a bird look feminine, make their beaks smaller and add more decorations that say, feminine?

But then this kinda... contradicts bird zoology.

If you recall, in most bird species, males are vibrantly coloured and have much longer feathers, while females are rather drab and usually brown, parrots are an exception however.

Well, this is getting kinda long already, so I'll go straight to the point - Anivia's old models could use a remodel that is not as ambiguous or even make her look masculine. Not now, naturally, as there are better candidates to remodel than her. I would like to bring this up directly to the NA General Discussion forums, but sadly I don't have an NA account. (trying to go there will only redirect me to the SEA servers)