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Come to think of it~ hmm

Remember how there was this huge issue nearly half a year ago about "Limited Edition" skins for Harrowing and Snowdown Showdown 2010 - 2011 skins? Since the changing of these skins from Limited Edition to Legacy, these skins have appeared once again, available for purchase.

P.S. I still freaking hate Garena for not selling any of the Winter Olympics skins. Anivia-sama whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;_;

Which brings us to a particular limited edition thing that somehow has been forgotten by everyone - What ever happened to these?

There are also some of these Razor and Rumble runes, which are fine because you can't purchase them, but these runes though... Has everyone really forgot about these? As someone who likes to collect things, in which I already have all champions and currently going for runes, it's a shame that I can't buy any of these again, I only have the 2010 and 2011 Showdown runes, one each.

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