Here's how it goes. I will input a champion icon, but with a quote that doesn't even fit the champion at all. The next person finds out who that quote belongs to and give this new champion a new very unfitting quote.

For example:

1st user types - Shaco Shaco : Demacia, now and forever!

2nd user types - Jarvan IV Jarvan IV : Only you can hear me summmoner, what masterpiece shall I play today?

3rd user types - Sona Sona : (I haven't got a brain, and soon, neither will you!)

The purpose of this "game" (or should I say experiment) is to find out how uncanny and out of personality a character can be if given someone else's quote, or if said quote actually fits the champion (in a humourous way perhaps). In any case, try to give the least fitting or funniest quote for the current champion you can think of. Champion portraits are unnecessary, you can be lazy and just type in the name of the champion. Any quotes from normal or legendary skins will do, except laughing ones and those that have nothing but sounds of course.

The game will start with this quote and will be updated accordingly:

  • Draven Draven : Did I mention it's mating season?
  • Nidalee Nidalee : My stinger is ready.
  • Skarner Skarner : Captain Skarner on duty!

Edit: Considering the unexpected amount of players. Make any quotes you deem funny then!