Hope I got it right.

Ashe Ashe : We must have a new era of peace!

Lissandra Lissandra : I support you, Ashe! (not)

Sejuani Sejuani : Oh f**k you Ashe, you're stupid! This means war!


Anivia Anivia : I must save Freljord from the poison.

Volibear Volibear : Fight, my brothers! WE ARH SPEHSS MAHREENS BEARHS!

Zilean Zilean : Shut up, Volibear.

Trundle Trundle : I trolled the lion my dead ex-leader, the witch, and the wardrobe my clan. I am king, HUE.

Nunu Nunu : The Frostguards are evil!

Olaf Olaf : Kill me before I kill you! WHY CAN'T I DIE?!

Brand Brand : I hate cold, Hax Sign "BURN EVERYTHING!"

Gragas Gragas : I'm drunk. More booze please.

Udyr Udyr : Why am I here? ._.

Lee Sin Lee Sin : Just passing through. Come with me, Udyr.

Quinn Quinn : I'm uh... just passing through here too... ignore me...

Valor Valor : *caw* (Hey, Anivia darling, wanna be my girlfriend?)

Conclusion - Freljord is now Three Kingdoms. Guess which Freljord character goes with which Three Kingdoms character?

EDIT: Ashe Ashe, with her hardship during her childhood life, who wishes to unite Freljord into a peaceful country, is Liu Bei.

Sejuani Sejuani, a woman of ambition and a "Hero of Chaos", is Cao Cao.

Lissandra Lissandra, having a facade that she supports Ashe, but secretly wants the whole Freljord for herself, is Sun Quan.

Tryndamere Tryndamere is pretty much Guan Yu, a feared warrior that will not stop until he finds the one who destroyed his childhood.

Anivia Anivia, wishing Freljord to be someday pure, decides to support Ashe, is Zhuge Liang.

Volibear Volibear, who sees Sejuani's ambition as the right path for his kind, is Zhang Liao.

Olaf Olaf, who just purely wanted to battle until he dies, is Pang De.

Trundle Trundle would be the scheming Sima Yi. Although Sima Yi is not Wu (does not serve Sun Quan), it fits, because he's a scheming troll biding his time, and it won't be surprising that he'll backstab Lissandra, if he can.

Gragas Gragas would loosely be Pang Tong, who tends to get drunk not doing "anything" as well.

Nunu Nunu is a category of its own, there isn't anyone that could fit Willump and Nunu, except maybe Meng Huo and Zhu Rong.