In tribute to the PCM (Purple Caster Minion), here's a team composition exceptionally fitting for the purple minions, purple towers, purple inhibitors and the purple nexus:


Strategy: Aggressive. In a teamfight, Skarner grabs an enemy, followed up by Varus snaring it, should the enemy dare to help, Morgana will ult everyone, with Lulu ult anyone near enough to knock up everyone, while Kha'Zix cleans house.

But of course, blue team can't let purple fabulously slip by, and hence the counterpart:

Fabulous BlueEdit

Strategy: Aggressive/Counter-aggressive. Either Ashe or Shen can initiate, if any of the teammates are getting focused or caught, the team has Shen for that, followed by an Anivia wall to isolate enemies and Evelynn ults everyone, while Taric provides armor, ad and ap buffs to everyone.

For the colour-blind people, here's a Red team comp:

Rad RedEdit

Strategy: Tons of AoE, Cho Q to Zyra R followed by Vlad R, Cho W and Miss Fortune R. Anyone get caught will probably die in less than 3 seconds. Shyvana R can be used to reposition enemies into AoE.

What other alternate Purple, Red or Blue team comps you can think of that are good? What other coloured teams can you think then? Would love to hear out some excellent ones.

Edit: Here's 2 more colored teams:

Green of TerrorEdit

Strategy: One-sided isolation + AoE pressure. You can go standard, letting Thresh initiate followed up by Amumu for teamwide ultimate, or you can make insane plays like throwing out Thresh's lantern then let Urgot swap a victim, then click on the lantern to return back to the team, isolating one enemy. Should the enemy dare to engage, you have Amumu, Thresh and Fiddlesticks for crazy ultimate AoE capabilities.


Strategy: I'm Jarvan, I'm helping. Kayle would be the team's 2nd AD carry (or semi-carry). With Jarvan as the initiator and tank of the team, having Blitzcrank, Ezreal and Lux ultimate caught enemies at the same time can spell doom on the enemy team.

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