See for yourself, read the section about 2009-2011 skins:!

I have no idea how is this fair for us SEA players when everyone else around the world has the chance to purchase past Snowdown Showdown skins. I wonder what kind of drugs have Garena's marketing department employee's been smoking, as they categorize old Snowdown skins as "Reward skins" while old Harrowing skins as "Festive Legacy skins". Yes, they did sell old Harrowing skins around November.

From the looks of it Vancouver Olympic skins cannot be purchased either, as I also want to purchase (heck, I'd pay 1-2k grant for that skin) other than several old Snowdown Showdown skins. As I do not have an NA account, I hope some of non-SEA wikians to notice this problem and spread this message as far as possible, the NA forums at best.