Probably because Neon's blog made me want to do this too, and considering I'm just passively keeping an eye on every blog post posted on this wiki, constantly recategorizing blogs to their proper places these days, instead of being an active poster back in the day. Something fresh to talk about would be nice. I took a long hibernation from doing concepts.

I am one of the moderators in this wiki... to be honest my job is way too specialized to be a proper moderator - monitor and modify blogs, but since we don't have positions like "Blog janitor" or "Occasional recent activity monitor" a Moderator position will do. It's been past 2 years since I've been here, and I kinda enjoy visiting here daily.

But enough talk, have at y... I mean, ask away.

P.S. Y'all should be joinin the chat, ya hear? Ish fun the more people there ar' in tis wiki chat an all. Chat's usually inactive 6 a.m. 0 GMT til noon, and tis is where chat becomes a zoo.