I suppose everyone has noticed it by now, that champions like NamiSquare Nami and QuinnSquare Quinn don't really have any real reason to join the League, they can easily do their tasks elsewhere. Additionally, current lores do not have any mentions of the Institute of War, the Councils, the League organization, even the summoners and newer champion voice interactions do not even acknowledge the existence of us players, who guide them.

If we're going by the new lore, why, how and who are they summoned into the Fields of Justice? For what reason? Can't they just fight elsewhere? Can't just LucianSquare Lucian settle his score with ThreshSquare Thresh once and for all, do or die? Why should he let his foe go away after every duel? That's basically the same for RengarSquare Rengar and Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix no?

While the current lore is great and all, they had little relation to any of the old lore now, which should by now be obsolete. So, why are we still called summoners?

Ah, something to add, Riot hasn't added any new yordles and Bilgewater champions in a long while.