Yes, that title is solely for baiting purposes.

For instance, list of physically disabled champions:

  • Lee SinSquare Lee Sin is blind. RengarSquare Rengar is half-blind.
  • UrgotSquare Urgot already has amputated legs and can only walk with 4 robotic legs.
  • SwainSquare Swain is crippled with a permanently broken leg. SionSquare Sion has a broken arm.
  • SonaSquare Sona is mute.

There's also the mentally disabled champions:

  • LuluSquare Lulu has Schizophrenia. (the inability to differentiate fantasy from reality.) ZileanSquare Zilean also has this to an extent (chrono-displasia), as he sometimes thinks Urtisan has returned, even when it's gone forever.
  • Dr. MundoSquare Dr. Mundo is a prime example of a person with Asperger syndrome. He cares not of others, goes where he pleases. Intensely focused on pain-related subjects and nothing else. Unable to communicate socially.
  • ZiggsSquare Ziggs has pyromania (fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires). As stated on his lore, he has a tendency to blow things up and unable to control himself, giving him a hyperactive personality.
  • VeigarSquare Veigar is insane. Enough said.
  • KennenSquare Kennen has ADHD. (seriously are most yordles mad?)
  • Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate has Ludomania (unable to resist gambling). Heck, he even risked his own life for powers. This however, can be debated to just purely gambling addiction.

The point of this thread? Disabled people aren't even weak at all. Just look at Lee SinSquare Lee Sin, a frequent ban in ranked games. He's blind, but he's the man. Dr. MundoSquare Dr. Mundo? He still lives on, he still goes where he pleases.

Riot really did a good job, there's so many types of people in League of Legends. Disabled people looks weaker compared to normal people especially in real life, and League of Legends have these people too, still disabled, but yet, they kicks asses just like other perfectly normal champions. Kinda like heroes such as Helen, Hawking and Beethoven --Mineko Charat Lucky (talk) 05:55, March 8, 2013 (UTC)