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Tarot Deck - League of Legends Edition

This is pretty much a small project I've been working on. Ever since the Lissandra patch, I found out that all the pieces (Major Arcana) are in place, and can be finally implemented into a tarot deck.

Discretion: Champion splash arts and the Rune Icon are copyrighted to Riot and its respective employees, I do not own any part of the said artwork other than the layout of the cards. This tarot deck may be copied, printed, edited or redistributed for educational or non-commercial reasons. Renting, selling or using this tarot deck for commercial reasons violates any of the aforementioned stated artwork's copyright, and will be subjected to Riot's discretion. Oh, and mention Yours Truly, Mineko Charat Lucky, when someone asks who made it.

Champions that have already represented an arcana will not repeat again on other arcana, just so to maintain variety.

Alright, time to show and explain what, how, and why the champions represent the various arcana. This will be ridiculously long though, so bear with me.

The Fool

"Yep, that tasted purple!"

Main Choice: Lulu

Reason: Lulu fits a lot of descriptions of a Fool, she may not be stupid, but her way of thought is different even for yordle standards, let alone humans. She thinks outside of the box. She learns faerie magic purely because of her desires. She may be a bit lunatic. She appreciates Nature, and the beauty itself. A Fool's journey, ever since meeting Help, Pix!.png Pix. With her absoulte lack of common sense, she is oblivious to other people's thoughts and is unable to fit with other yordles properly.

MCLucky 0 - The Fool2

"A new journey begins."

Alternative Choice: Wukong

Reason: Wukong is a solid contender as well. Born from stone, he's pathless, aiming around endlessly. Until he met Master Yi, and from then on, a new journey begins, to fight skilled warriors.

The Magician

"For my next trick, I'll make your lifebar disappear."

Main Choice: LeBlanc

Reason: Self explanatory.

MCLucky 1 - The Magician2

"Light mage? I'm just an ordinary mage."

Alternative Choice: Lux

Reason: Self explanatory.

The High Priestess

"By force of will!"

Main Choice: Karma

Reason: Karma represents the presence of the divine. Strives to have peace, but will resort to power if required.

MCLucky 2 - The High Priestess2

"We're all tied to the ocean."

Alternative Choice: Nami

Reason: The High Priestess also represents the sea. It is calm, yet violent as well. Nami's job is basically a "priestess" too.

The Empress

"United, we are stronger."

Main Choice: Ashe

Reason: Married to Tryndamere. She wishes for prosperity, abundance, representing the Empress.

MCLucky 3 - The Empress2

"My true beauty is beneath the skin."

Alternative Choice: Elise

Reason: Queen of the Shadow Isles. Desires for more power from the Spider God. Themes of power, beauty and and satisfaction exists in Elise as well.

The Emperor

"The power... is undeniable."

Main Choice: Tryndamere

Reason: Married to Ashe. Symbolizes Fathering, Authority, Power, Leadership and Experience.

MCLucky 4 - The Emperor2

"My destination is absolute."

Alternative Choice: Swain

Reason: Symbolizes Authority, Power, Command, Structure, Egocentrism, Rigidity, Leadership and Experience

The Hierophant

"The way is always the same."

Choice: Zilean

Reason: Knowledge, Discipline, Maturity, Formality and Respect, fits Zilean.

The Lovers

"Charmed, I'm sure."

Choice: Evelynn and Twisted Fate

Reason: There's only one pair of couples that is featured together in a splash, so this is perfect.

The Chariot

"Send me to battle."

Main choice: Hecarim

Reason: Hecarim fits this perfectly, he's a horse, and his symmetrical design fits the Chariot's theme of "split in half".

MCLucky 7 - The Chariot2

"Fate has made its choice."

Alternative choice: Xin Zhao

Reason: Chariot also features wings on the rider, and Xin Zhao also fits this in a sense.


"The scoundrels will pay!"

Choice: Garen

Reason: Demacian Justice!

The Hermit

"Master yourself, master the enemy."

Main Choice: Lee Sin

Reason: A monk living seclusively, hardships in Ionia (self-immolation), trains alone for self-enlightenment.

MCLucky 9 - The Hermit2

"I think I might know a relative of yours. No hair... sagging flesh... always going on about brains. Ring any bells?"

Alternative Choice: Yorick

Reason: Lives alone in the Shadow Isles in seclusion. Will someday make himself known to all as Yorick Mori.

Wheel of Fortune

"Fortune doesn't favor fools."

Choice: Miss Fortune.

Reason: Fortune, Ship Wheel, ring any bells? Wheel of Fortune indeed.


"There is no strength in servitude."

Main Choice: Sejuani.

Reason: Strength always feature a (usually strong) woman and a beast. Sejuani fits this perfectly. In fact she defines Strength.

MCLucky 11 - Strength2

"They are nothing before me."

Alternative Choice: Shyvana.

Reason: Same as Sejuani.

The Hanged Man

"Just a little bit closer."

Choice : Shaco

Reason: Only Shaco's splashes has him upside down.


"I'll put you... in my book!"

Choice : Karthus

Reason: Grim Reaper.


"Shall we resolve this dissonance?"

Main Choice : Sona

Reason: In-between Death and the Devil, Temperance signifies Harmony, Balance, Health, Well-being, Recovery and Healing.

MCLucky 14 - Temperance2

"Balance in all things."

Alternative Choice: Irelia

Reason: Balance, nuff said. The splash art is peaceful as well.

The Devil

"I prepare for what waits beyond. Shall I show you?"

Main Choice: Galio

Reason: A powerful being from Hell.

MCLucky 15 - The Devil2

"Not all angels are good."

Alternative Choice: Morgana

Reason: A Fallen Angel.

The Tower

"Succumb! It's inevitable."

Main Choice: Lissandra

Reason: She's tall (and I mean really tall), slender as a Tower, don't you think? Besides, the Tower is never a good sign, meeting her always spells doom. (All the lores involving the Ice Witch never ends well).

MCLucky 16 - The Tower2

"I will be free."

Alternative Choice: Xerath

Reason: Another strong contender. Should the day he escape from his sarchophagus, Runeterra is over. And he's tall like a tower too.

The Star

"Stars, hear me!"

Choice: Soraka

Reason: Stars.

The Moon

"Chosen of the Moon."

Choice: Diana

Reason: Moon.

The Sun

"Chosen of the Sun."

Choice: Leona

Reason: Sun.


"Your time has come."

Choice: Kayle

Reason: Judgment. I mean really, is there anyone else that can fit Star, Moon, Sun and Judgment? Don't blame me for giving extremely short answers.

The World

"Do not deny your instincts, summoner."

Main Choice: Udyr

Reason: The world signifies completion, and is represented by 4 things - Man, Beast, Bird and Fish. Udyr here has Bear, Tiger, Phoenix and Turtle, which covered all four of the symbols. The four completes him.

MCLucky 21 - The World2

"Ah, the taste of the Earth, is just marvelous. Life is just wonderful."

Alternate Choice: Cho'Gath

Reason: Cho'Gath ate the World. The destruction of the world is completed. Time for more tea and shortbread.

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So, what do ya think? Do you like the design? Do you think there are better champions to fit the various Arcanas? Would like to hear some feedback and improve on the design, layout or so.

Special Mention

Check out CombatCube's version right here, it's cleaner than mine (well, because it's directly from champion screens, heheh): http://imgur.com/a/cjbYV

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