While I'm finishing my concept blog on MCLucky Youmu Youmu, I'm curious at every person's champion they most despised of. You hate it not because other people hate it too, but rather you hate it because it truly left an awful taste in mouth whenever that bastard appeared to ruin your day. You are recommended to leave at least simple reason why you hate it.

For my choices:

3 - KatarinaSquare Katarina, she's so... overused, and annoying to lane past level 3 regardless of who I pick. Even then there aren't a lot of good Katarina's out there. I almost have to roll my eyes whenever I see this derp. Very rarely, I can tolerate her, only because Kitty Cat Katarina.

2 - AlistarSquare Alistar, goddarned cow, I hate him so much. Every time he WQ's when I made a mistake getting to close to him I usually can only stand up, afk from keyboard and cook some noodles because I usually will just die horribly. Even the bot version is disgusting, I have to admit. Of course, the only time I don't have an issue with him is when I play support MorganaSquare Morgana.

1 - Last but not least the award goes to GragasSquare Gragas. I FREAKING HATE THIS FAT MAN, GAH! MORE ANNOYING THAN EVERY SINGLE ANNOYING THING IN LOL COMBINED. First time I played against him, back then when I just started LoL and I was playing AniviaSquare Anivia for the first time, I was totally getting crushed by him because I don't understand how he has infinite mana and health. Needless to say, I still have the trauma of STOP SPAMMING YOUR STUPID TAUNT OMG SCRUB getting totally dominated in lane while freaking Vietnamese trolls on my team (nicknamed VNs, they are well known as the Southeast Asian counterpart of BRs aka Brazillians) made everything worse. He probably isn't totally that annoying to me anymore now besides Body Slam and infinite sustain. After that one game, it changed me a lot, and I swore to train Anivia until I can control her more than properly. STOP MOCKING ME ON CHAT GODDAMNIT THIS GAME IS TOXIC AS FLAK Four months later, my effort paid off and I can play her properly, with a few issues on wall placement occasionally. (not walling to kill teammates, mind. It's more like couldn't properly wall enemies to their deaths sometimes) Sadly, I still remembered that one game where it haunted my history of playing LoL ever since, and seeing Gragas regardless of sides still left me a horrible, horrible taste in my mouth.

So, what's your story of your most hated champions? --Mineko Charat Lucky (talk) 13:58, January 18, 2013 (UTC)