Quite a number of players have argued over the topic of "What is the best/meta team comp?", in which the real answer is that there is none, as different team compositions have different play styles and different strength and weaknesses. While there is no "best team comp", there are however, "good team comps". A good, standard team comp has a standard bruiser, jungler, mage, support, and carr... I mean marksman, with a 1-1-2 (1) lane setup. On a higher levels, team members actually know how to swap lanes, or even transition the solo bruiser lane to 1(1)-1-2 lanes.

Generally, a good team composition has most of these things - mobility, poke, sustain, initiation, disengage, damage, control, tankiness. But what makes a team composition dreadful? What would be the worst team comp? Total lack of control? (e.g. Brazillian World Cup team Master YiSquare Master Yi, TeemoSquare Teemo, MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser, EzrealSquare Ezreal, GangplankSquare Gangplank) Lack of damage? No initiation?

Let's assume League has a mode called "Reverse Ranked", in which your team picks for the enemy team. What is the worst possible team composition you can give to your opponent? There are no wrong or right answers, do not fret. (Naturally you wouldn't know what the enemy players are good or bad at playing)

Personally, I'm thinking a team comp like the above or a team composition like NunuSquare Nunu, UrgotSquare Urgot, SkarnerSquare Skarner, SionSquare Sion and OlafSquare Olaf would be quite hard to play.