Just today, Elphrihaim gave me this very interesting question in chat. (The other one is, what if autoattacks have the range of Lux's ultimate, well that's obvious)

For now, let us assume every single champion in the game now has their Q ability as far as Lux's Final Spark. (even Lux's Q is this far as well)

Who would be very overpowered? (Remember though, your enemy can hit this far as well) Who wouldn't be affected much? (Udyr and Talon are prime examples :<) How would the team composition change? (Heavy sustain because pokes everywhere?) Would the meta change? Only abilities that target ground or enemy are affected (Alistar Alistar's Pulverize.png Pulverize for example, will not).

Here's a simple individual analysis for the first 10 champions below:

Ahri Ahri's Orb of Deception.png Orb of Deception : Not much, but you can direct the return of the orb much better.

Akali Akali's Mark of the Assassin.png Mark of the Assassin : Pretty much turns her into a sustain poke character, not jumping in will not maximize her potential however.

Alistar Alistar's Pulverize.png Pulverize : You don't target anything with Pulverize, so the net change of range is zero, nothing will change.

Amumu Amumu's Bandage Toss.png Bandage Toss : Eww, I don't need to explain this do I?

Anivia Anivia's Flash Frost.png Flash Frost : Suprisingly, this will not affect her much at all in lane, people can already see Flash Frost a mile away. Her ganks though, can be very deadly.

Annie Annie's Disintegrate.png Disintegrate : In conjunction with Pyromania.png Pyromania, Annie will be a very scary stunner.

Ashe Ashe's Frost Shot.png Frost Shot : No effect, sadly.

Blitzcrank Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab : Everyone hates him. Now make his grab as long as Lux ult.

Brand Brand's Sear.png Sear : Doesn't do much though, you need to get close to follow up this as a stun.

Caitlyn Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker.png Piltover Peacemaker : Her ultimate is already bad enough, but nearly every other AD carry is affected as well, so she's actually "nerfed" instead.