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    Name: Kalvin Seilhar

    Resource: Mana

    Tags: Ranged, Mage, Fighter


    Base stats

    Difficulty: 40</span></p>

    Ability Power:90

    Attack Power: 30

    Defense Power:45

    Health: 350 (+78)

    Attack Damage: 50 (+3.3)

    Health Regeneration: 6.5 (+0.55)

    Attack Speed: 0.625 (+1.37%)

    Mana: 250 (+50) Armor: 11 (+5)

    Mana Reneration: 6.0 (+0.6)

    Magic Resist: 30

    Range: 400

    Movement Speed: 350

    Dark Souls are blinded to the light, but unlike them, I will find my Salvation. - Kalvin

    Lore: Kalvin was an alter boy at a Demacian Church and the apprentice of the head Priest, who taught him Light Magic. One day while he was out practicing magic, a group of fellow pupils were jealous of him and killed the head Priestess of the church. They blamed Kalvin for it and he was put into an underground d…

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