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  • Miranda Raveil

    I know some may not like the video , but It actually made me a bit sad.


    Now I feel glad I almost always play support :l

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  • Miranda Raveil

    Lore : Time ago , There was a placa called Urtistan , near the Dessert of Shurima and placed at the South of Demacia. Urtistan was a nice place to live , full of kind people that had the will to help others , even though most of families there were from low to mid class , they had a peaceful life with no conflicts and a good relationship between the people. There is where the Figarzen family resided , a low class family but all of them good hearted , Xendra was part of that family , she lived along with her sister , mother , and father , having a great relationship with all of them , an unbreakable bond of love and happiness , she didn't care about her family class as long as they all were together. Time passed , and she became into a young…

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