Lore : Time ago , There was a placa called Urtistan , near the Dessert of Shurima and placed at the South of Demacia. Urtistan was a nice place to live , full of kind people that had the will to help others , even though most of families there were from low to mid class , they had a peaceful life with no conflicts and a good relationship between the people. There is where the Figarzen family resided , a low class family but all of them good hearted , Xendra was part of that family , she lived along with her sister , mother , and father , having a great relationship with all of them , an unbreakable bond of love and happiness , she didn't care about her family class as long as they all were together. Time passed , and she became into a young adult lady , having some learn of magic , but what none knew is that she had some interest about the dark side of magic , monsters , undead's and some more of that.

Unfortunately , the unbreakable bond in her family became broke as soon as the Rune Wars started and Dark summoners invaded her city, Xendra watched despairingly how her city was falling piece by piece , citizen by citizen murdered. Her family and her tried to hide near the city , but a dark Summoner with covered face and red eyes found them , destroying Xendra's family before her eyes , and when he was about to destroy her , he discovered in Xendra's soul that she had a deep interest in dark magic , transforming her into a Necromancer , but not a common Necromancer , a haunted one , and after that , he disappeared , leaving Xendra unconscious.

Years and years passed , living lonely and appart from the rest in a dark forest , suffering for her family and learning more about her powers.She once found two humans talking about the Institute of War near the forest, and as soon as she knew more about It she deceided to take a trip to the place , to be helped with the curse , to know about the responsible for her family's death and to talk with Zilean to find a way to restore her city to what It was once ago.

She may be cursed , but she holds a great power within the deeps of herself.

  • Note : This is my first champion idea , so please be patient and understand. I know her lore may be a bit large , but I may be fixing It soon. About the abilities , I'll be thinking about them and making them soon , don't worry.

Thank you for reading , Miranda.