aka a "Unique" Person.

  • I live in the Dimensional Time and Space Rift.
  • My occupation is Staying Alive
  • I am a Corpse.
  • Misdirected

    The name refuses to show up in the box, and I'm too terrible at this stuff to know why.

    Marion, Liandry's Child is a pretended champion that will never be in League of Legends.

    Marion converts 10% of all received damage into Pain. Pain is used as resource for her skills. Pain will passively generate when in combat at 1 unit per second, and will deplete at 2 units per second after leaving combat.

    |description2= Marion's spell damage on champions will trigger damage over time, dealing 1% (+1% per every 100 AP) of the target's health over 3 seconds. Eyes of Torment's damage will double on movement-impaired champions. Minions are unaffected by Torment. }} }}

    Marion gazes at targeted champion, leashing the targeted enemy and granting true sight of…
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