• Mister Bandito

    Hi everybody, my name is Mister Bandito, and I am an outspoken atheist wanting to really get into game design!! I am here with my (if you will allow me to say) cool new champion concept for Liege of Legends which I think will really add a lot of fun dynamic skill. Zub Gi is a tanky support with a lot of magic damage and durability but not a lot of sustainability or gap closing power. I am not entirely sure if I made him right, but I assure you fine folks I tried my best to make him as original as possible and adhere to my design!! :DDD

    Without further a due, let's get to his abilities

    Passive: Neverending Soldier

    Zub Gi's strikes are imbued with healing energy, healing him every few attacks. It is a good supporting ability because if a carry …

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