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    |ver =

    |innatename = Vanishing Courage

    |innatepic =

    |innateinfo = (Innate): When Coulik reaches below 30% health, he becomes invulnerable to damage for .5 seconds and is also unable to deal damage.

    |firstname = The Blade of Immorality

    |firstpic =

    |firstinfo = (Active): Coulik immediately lunges forward a small distance and automatically stays still and doesn't autoattack. If Coulik receives damage from an enemy champion, the damage is reduced and the enemy receives magic damage.

    |secondname = Dulling Poison

    |secondpic =

    |secondinfo = (Active): Coulik charges his next 3 autoattacks to deal slightly more damage, if the 3 autoattacks are done on the same enemy, they are dealt more magic damage and stunned for 1 second.


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  • Mitcherrman

    Genesis, the Dubious Engineer is a champion of League of Legends Wiki.

    ==Abilities== </span> |secondname = Homing Dart |secondpic = |secondinfo = (Active): If Genesis casts on a friendly champion, they are stealthed for 1 second and given bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. If cast on an enemy champion, they are revealed and slowed for 3 seconds. If used in conjunction with Expend Charge! the ally gains the same attack speed as movement speed again for 3 seconds, and the enemy's healing regeneration and healing effects received are reduced by 50% for 3 seconds. *Cost: 80 mana *Cooldown: 18 seconds *Range: 550 |secondlevel =
    |thirdname = Not so Boom Bomb |thirdpic = Ability.jpg |thirdinfo = (Passive) Genesis passively gains Cooldown Reduct…
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  • Mitcherrman

    120px Jared the Gun Master Cost: 6300 [1] or 975 [2]

    Attributes Ranged , Carry Release Date TBA

    Health 385 (+83) Attack damage 48 (+3.2)
    Health regen. 6 (+.6) Attack speed 0.655 (+2.4%)
    Mana 260 (+55) Armor 14 (+3.5)
    Mana regen. 8 (+.5) Magic res. 30 (+0)
    Range 425 Mov. speed 315

    Patch Unknown
    Fluorescent Glow Jared's autoattacks reveal the target for 2 seconds. Every third autoattack grants Jared 10 flat movement speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.
    Ability Description Leveling up

    Pop Shot

    (Active): Jared fires a charged bullet forward in a line in front of him dealing magic damage to the first target it hits and healing and giving back mana to Jared for 10% of the damage.
    • Range: 950
    • Cooldown: 5.5 seconds

    Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 mana

    Magic D…

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