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Coulik the Shoe-less Samurai




|ver =

|innatename = Vanishing Courage

|innatepic =

|innateinfo = (Innate): When Coulik reaches below 30% health, he becomes invulnerable to damage for .5 seconds and is also unable to deal damage.

|firstname = The Blade of Immorality

|firstpic =

|firstinfo = (Active): Coulik immediately lunges forward a small distance and automatically stays still and doesn't autoattack. If Coulik receives damage from an enemy champion, the damage is reduced and the enemy receives magic damage.

|secondname = Dulling Poison

|secondpic =

|secondinfo = (Active): Coulik charges his next 3 autoattacks to deal slightly more damage, if the 3 autoattacks are done on the same enemy, they are dealt more magic damage and stunned for 1 second.

|thirdname = Feet of Fleet

|thirdpic =

|thirdinfo = (Passive): Coulik passively gains flat movement speed

(Active): Coulik jumps a large distance to target location. Upon landing, Coulik loses his passive movement speed for the cooldown duration and is slowed additionaly by 30% for 3 seconds.

|ultiname = An Unlikely Ability

|ultipic =

|ultiinfo = (Active): Coulik channels for 1 second before sending 2 shockwaves out all around him, dealing magic damage. The shockwaves cover Coulik's allies and himself when they pass by them to the enemies vision. Allied vision is not detrimented.

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