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    Marcus - The Rune Templar

    January 21, 2013 by Mixnutz23

    Marcus, the Rune Templar is a concept champion

    Marcus' abilities don't have any mana cost related to them, instead he uses up runes that add up every couple of seconds or everytime he kills a unit. These runes also increase the damage dealt by some of his abilities.

    Using Chaos Runes, Marcus conjures unstable magic in an area, the magic is initially undected until a second before it explodes.

    Passive: Chaos Runes: When triggered Chaos runes enables Marcus' next basic attack to deal 20% of his AP as magic damage.



    |costtype = rune




     Using Marking Runes, Marcus attaches Mark of the Blasphemous to an enemy unit, these Marks decrease the magic resistance of an enemy unit, Runes can stack up to 4 times, additiona…

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