So, my first encounter with LoL was my freshman year in college. The freshman dorms had small rooms with crappy a/c and hallways that seemed to channel sounds and intensify them. A whole bunch of people played LoL long into the night yelling and screaming all the way. I, having just recovered from a very costly World of Warcraft addiction, wanted nothing to do with this strange multiplayer online game. Fast forward a year. I'm back home and all of my friends are raving about this new game. It's free to play, many times more fun than world of warcraft and the matches are shorter than the Civ4 we used to play. So I said, what the hell, and made an account. The rest, as they say, is history.

My favorite champion is Gragas, the rabble rouser. I bought him on a suggestion after failing with so many other champs, and I immediately loved him. He can solo-lane, he's a great mid and, he helped me improve my game. learning to play LoL with a champ that is all skill shots is like learning how to drive, with a stick shift car. It's dificult at first, but is more rewarding in the end. He's balanced, which turns a lot of people off, and he has a steep learning curve. He's not a nuke, I play him as more a support character and his ultimate barrel has so many uses. it can draw an enemy who pushed a little too hard, it can finish off someone whos running away with barrely any hp left and, in a pinch, can save you or a teammates arse from that pesky highlandering master yi. It is for these reasons that i love gragas so much. He is and forever will be my main(barring any redonculous nerfs).