Every champion of the Hopeless Masquerade Project has two additions: Faith and Popularity.

Faith: Three religions, Shinto, Buddhism and Taoism, have an effect on these ten champions. Upon killing an enemy champion, they may add a point into Shinto, Buddhism, or Taoism. If you add a point into Shinto, your health and mana increase in a small amount, but your attack damage sinks. If you add a point into Buddhism, your attack damage and ability power increase, but your defenses get frailer. If you add a point into Taoism, your mana and health regeneration increase. Your defenses also gain a small boost, but your attack damage sinks and your movement speed is slowed down.

Popularity: Popularity is represented as a small circle next to your abilties. By dealing damage, your popularity increases. By taking normal to heavy damage, your popularity sinks. If you die to a Hopeless Masquerade champion, they gain your popularity. Maximum is 100, the minimum is 0 and the worst possible is -100. Upon gaining 100 Popularity and your champion's level is above 6, your Last Word unlocks. A last word is a powerful special attack, and shares its cooldown with your Ultimate.

Each % of Popularity increases your damage by 0.5%.

Now that you've finished reading the mechanics, onto the champions!

These are the champions of the Hopeless Masquerade Project:

  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Marisa Kirisame
  • Ichirin Kumoi
  • Byakuren Hijiri
  • Mononobe no Futo
  • Toyasatomimi no Miko
  • Nitori Kawashiro
  • Koishi Komeiji
  • Mamizou Futatsuiwa
  • Hata no Kokoro