hi people, I just thought of a new 5v5 gameplay map. What if we have a grid like map that was like a huge game of battleships? Or something simialr, basically we have the same rules right? But now the champs get some pretty awesome skills kinda similar to Summoner Spells. For example we divvy up the usual roles. and the support player can call in health packs like Dominion. The AD carry can launch missles which are like zigg's ult with less damage and CD. The AP carry gets stuff like clairvoyance, and he can place traps that do a bunch of CC, like cait's traps but silences, blinds and stuns, not to mention revealing. THEN WE HAVE THE SOLO TOP, who can have these skills that cause him to turn super tanky or save his teammates. And last of all we have the jungler, who is like Lee Sin, Shyvana and Rengar skills. Basically they can mark enemies so that they recieve more damage, and they have something similar to teleport, but instead it's like shen's ult, without the shield.

This is basically how we play, we divide the map into a 3x3 square map. the middle column is like the river. HUGE buffs and rewards, but really easy to ambush. Each side has a column, these square are like different lanes. You get 1 point for killing an enemy champ on your own square, 2 if you manages to kick their ass on their home ground. Three points if you beat them into the ground in the riverlands. here's the twist. THE JUNGLE CREEPS FIGHT FOR THEIR INDIVIDUAL SIDES, they don't reveal the enemy champs, but there like the most aggressive things on earth. With the same abundance like Twisting Treeline, reply if you got any ideas or suggestions