Hi everyone, just a post on where Wukong was originated :)

Well, Wukong's actual name is "Sun Wukong" and pronouncing it is quite easy. Think of Sun as "song", except the "o" is a long vowel. (And u probably know the rest)

Anyway, Wukong was from a famouse Chinese story (written a LONG time ago), and lets just say he was 10x more OP then darius, teemo, kat, and akali. The story is called Xi Yo Ji. Xi is pronounced as "she". Yo is pronounced as, well, the same thing like "yo wassup". Ji is pronounced like "Gee" (ex. Gee Thanks).

The story says he was born out of a rock... like an EXPLOSION and BOOM a monkey. He was born on Hua Guo San   (its kinda hard to say how to pronounce it but Hua means flower, Guo means Fruit, and San means mountain).

Anywho, he became the monkey king because he volunteered to go through a waterfall and explore what was in it, and he literally found a stone village (yep everything stone) that was deserted. And everyone was impressed and decided to make him their leader.

Now, they made his passive "stone skin" because in the story, he got captured by ppl from heaven because he fucked around their when he was invited. So, they tried torturing him (Their attempts: cutting him, beheading him, striking him with lightning, and burning him), all which didnt work.

Crushing blow has no relation to the story btw.

Decoy: Sun Wukong could make 1-29584173572634501550720 copies of himself just by plucking a tuft of fur.Also, he could shapeshift.

Nimbus Strike: As explained it decoy, Wukong could make clones

Cyclone: Wukong didn't really spin to win in the story but if u read cyclone's description, his staff grows. In teh story, he got his staff because he was searching for a weapon fit for him. The staff ways like 3495872570 pounds, and the sea emperor let him take it for free if he could carry it (because the staff was 29458735 times taller and wider than wukong, and he doubt he could carry it). Wukong realized he could make this staff thinner and smaller until it fit into his ear, but it stayed the same weight. So yeah... he took it. 

Anyway thats my post today have fun playing lol :)