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  • Mourncantor

    Kao, the Worldsmith is a champion designed for [link Champion Battle 2]. He is a frontline fighter focused up on dividing up the enemy team and preventing them from rushing his own team. He is meant to stay as a buffer, stopping anyone who tries to dive into his team's backline.

    Note: Kao was built for Champion Battle 2, he will be edited when it is officially posted, I just wanted to get the basics down while he was in my head.

    For each stack of Smith's Armor, Kao gains . this effect persists for 5 seconds but its timer is reset if Kao casts another ability.

    |description3 = If Kao loses his stacks of Smith's Armor in a Worldforge, he instantly gains one stack of Smith's Armor. }}

    Kao empowers his next auto attack to deal physical damage to …

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  • Mourncantor

    Eidus, the Shield of Fate is a champion designed for Champion Battle 1. He is a frontline tank focused on absorbing as much damage as possible and providing some small amount of crowd control. Additionally, his ult provides a pretty huge teamfight presence.

    . The fountain can build up this shield if he has full mana. This shield does not decay over time. }}

    Eidus throws his Discus Shield in a line. When it hits a target, it bounces back towards Eidus. If a second enemy is hit, the shield disappears. If he catches it, the cooldown of Discus Shield is reduced by half. Enemies that are hit by Discus Shield take magic damage and are slowed by 30% for 2 seconds.

    |description2 = Discus Shield can critically strike and applies on-hit effects. |leveli…

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