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    Baby's First Crystal Scar

    September 23, 2011 by Mr Lovely

    I'm rather enthusiastic about the impending release of Dominion, as might be apparent. I'd like to venture a little bit of discussion about it for those who are equally enthusiastic, those who have played it and are so far disappointed, and those who have not yet tread in The Crystal Scar.

    So first, let's check what qualifications I have to educate on this game mode or any mode in any video game: None whatsoever. A fantastic qualification, then, to discuss a map which has only been released in limited beta sporadically for the last 2 days. The pros can make their responsible and well thought out discussions about the map later (oh, I jest), but for now lets get our theorycraft on.

    Objective 1- That bar on the top of your screen with the enem…

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  • Mr Lovely

    Numbers in The Crystal Scar

    September 23, 2011 by Mr Lovely

    Educating meself about various things in the Crystal Scar

    Crystal Scar's Aura:

    • 15% Armor Penetration
    • 5% Magic Penetration
    • Increased Mana Regeneration: ? (doesn't appear to be accounted for in stat window),
    • Passive experience gain: 4 per second
    • 20% Healing reduction

    Starting Gold: 1375

    Passive gold gain: 30 per 5

    Health Pack: Appears to give 81 + ~9 health per level. Seems to be some weird calculation which cause the final value to randomly be 1-3 health more depending on level. (Means at same level health packs may give different values of health)

    • Spawn at 2:00
    • Respawn every 30 seconds.
    • +2 points

    Speed Shrines: +30% movement speed for 10 seconds

    Capture rates:

    • Neutral point takes 10 seconds to capture by self with no capture rate buff.
    • Priscilla's Blessin…
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  • Mr Lovely

    As all of my latest escapades have confirmed my suspicions that I am a terrible jungler, I'll be spending some time jungling with what champions I have previously been able to complete the initial jungle run with and recording whatever progress I make here to reflect on. Mainly for my own benefit, but if any bored wiki goers feel the desire to give advice I would be amicable towards such suggestions.

    • Alistar

    Other Notes: need to look into more

    • Amumu

    Build: Cloth Armor, 5 potions. Boots on first return
    Masteries 0/21/9
    Runes: Magic Pen Reds, Armor Yellows, CDR Blues, Magic Pen Quints.
    Other Notes: Having much better time surviving after mastery switch up to defense, without noticing too much change in speed or other aspects. Most nota…

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  • Mr Lovely

    Was going to post this in the patch notes comments, but large wall of text and there's no reason the opinions of an inexperienced waif like me should be forced on anyone.

    Played a quick bot stomp. This is what I have observed from this brief survey of the new minion/turret system:

    Minions can kill turrets hella fast now if let to push. However, you can also rejoin your lane much faster after you die early on. This seems to make early game tower dives a more trivial risk, and perhaps even more in favour of the diver who sacrifices themselves. Tower hugging looks like it will be a little harder.

    Cannon minions are pretty devastating now. They don't die quickly and your tower will take a lot more damage from the surrounding minion wave as it was…

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