As all of my latest escapades have confirmed my suspicions that I am a terrible jungler, I'll be spending some time jungling with what champions I have previously been able to complete the initial jungle run with and recording whatever progress I make here to reflect on. Mainly for my own benefit, but if any bored wiki goers feel the desire to give advice I would be amicable towards such suggestions.

  • Alistar

Other Notes: need to look into more

  • Amumu

Build: Cloth Armor, 5 potions. Boots on first return
Masteries 0/21/9
Runes: Magic Pen Reds, Armor Yellows, CDR Blues, Magic Pen Quints.
Other Notes: Having much better time surviving after mastery switch up to defense, without noticing too much change in speed or other aspects. Most notably, should usually have enough health for a gank if I don't muck up after clearing the standard path. Should mess around with masteries and runes more

  • Fiddlesticks

Masteries: Build:
Runes: Magic Pen Reds, Armor Yellows, CDR blues, Magic Pen Quints
Other Notes: Trying to figure out the alternative route to starting from blue buff.

  • Master Yi

Other Notes: Should try out some more. Maybe. Have no desire to play as him.

  • Lee Sin

Other Notes: Need to do more in-game testing

  • Maokai

Other Notes: Need more in-game testing

  • Nunu

Whatever Runes:
Whatever Other Notes: Nunu requires no effort of thought on my part to jungle with, just need to focus on general gameplay with him. Maybe look more into counterjungling.

  • Trundle

Other Notes: Need more work on dealing with ranged enemies. Actually, just Vayne. Damn you, Vayne.

General Issues
-Need to work on recovering from failed ambushes.
-Need to practice more ward placement. Tend to do it too impulsively
-Could use more work on counter jungling. And dealing with counter jungling.
-Need to remember I'm not playing a tank with non-tank junglers.
-Having a hard time balancing need for wards with build when I'm doing poorly. Especially suffering with Trundle/Lee Sin. Might need to invest in more gold per level items/runes with them until I get a solid hold on them.