Educating meself about various things in the Crystal Scar

Crystal Scar's Aura:

  • 15% Armor Penetration
  • 5% Magic Penetration
  • Increased Mana Regeneration: ? (doesn't appear to be accounted for in stat window),
  • Passive experience gain: 4 per second
  • 20% Healing reduction

Starting Gold: 1375

Passive gold gain: 30 per 5

Health Pack: Appears to give 81 + ~9 health per level. Seems to be some weird calculation which cause the final value to randomly be 1-3 health more depending on level. (Means at same level health packs may give different values of health)

  • Spawn at 2:00
  • Respawn every 30 seconds.
  • +2 points

Speed Shrines: +30% movement speed for 10 seconds

Capture rates:

  • Neutral point takes 10 seconds to capture by self with no capture rate buff.
  • Priscilla's Blessing shaves off 1.5 second on own. With team:?
  • ~2.5-3 second cooldown to resume capturing if interrupted (difficult to measure because of own clock lag)

Relics: (gives both buffs)

  • Storm Shield: Shield Recharges every 10 seconds if not hit (Think it starts at 200. Seems to scale by 50 health each time if minimal respawn, not sure if result of time or level),
  • Storm Shield: Lightning, Nuke every 4 seconds
  • Duration: ~50 seconds
  • Spawns at 3:00
  • Respawns every 3 minutes