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  • Myself v1.0

    AP on-hitters

    February 13, 2014 by Myself v1.0

    Hello, Myself v1.0 here (not YOURself, MYself--- OK, that was lame, sorry) again with another of his blogs that simply just do not go anywhere. Today I want to talk about AP on-hitters, champions, some known as "AP/AS hybrids", some others known as " rushers". I have some mixed feelings about them.

    In my opinion, they are the funniest kind of AP in the game. I am not much into AP champions, the only one I play outside the aforementioned kind of champions is , and that is where the coincidences end. I am more into AD champions, or pure tanks, and partly, I think that is why I like the design of a character who autoattacks with magic. Although probably I like them the most because in other games I always play the typical mage-knight.

    The reason …

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  • Myself v1.0

    So, I don't know about you, but I'm becoming really sick of the connection quality of this server. I've elaborated a list of thoughts that came to my mind while experiencing this delicious sign of true love that Riot must process to all west-european players:

    • LoL usually stands for "League of Legends", except in the EUW. There it means "League of Lags".
    • Your chances of winning a match here are strictly determined by how many players the server decides to turn into AFK zombies. There has been cases of 10 players thrown-off from the server in the same game, thus resulting into a server-team victory.
    • Stability is so good, migrating from EUW to anyother server should be free. Still, it would take a month for EUW to load your migration. This is inte…

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  • Myself v1.0

    Team comps in TT

    June 11, 2013 by Myself v1.0

    I know this map is not very popular among a lot of players because they prefer SR, ARAM, or they don't find it balanced enough (Which 50% of the time means "I'm butthurt because a melee carry roflstomped me", lol). But then, there are players that really enjoy this kind of gameplay, and after getting accustomed again to it since the rework, I think setting some kind of team comp would make this map easier for more people.

    Which team comp do you think would be optimal in this map? I think there are some characters that are pretty much obviously more viable than others here, and my team comp would be:

    ·A tanky AP: It's pretty much obvious for me that tanky APs work better here than the rest of AP characters because of Wooglet's witchcap. After…

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  • Myself v1.0

    Lots of "now Health serves better than defenses" has been heard around, but is this true? and if it is, how should it be addressed?

    It is true that now that Madred's bloodrazor users have been kicked directly in the dick, and that Deathfire grasp has undergone some changes, there is less repression when stacking HP like an obsessed, and although users of the old Warmog's armor+Force of nature combo keep seeing this as a nerf, new Warmog's is more universal, and almost everybody gets hugely beneffitted from it. On the other hand, the changes in the defense reduction/penetration, the changes on The black cleaver, and that Riot has not made new items with magic damage mitigation skills, have made that stacking Armor and/or Magic Resistance feel…

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  • Myself v1.0

    Ruhgosk Chopper is a legendary custom item for League of Legends. It serves both as an upgrade for Malady and a retrieval of the current The Black Cleaver, although it has 10 less AD than the latter and it lacks of the total 80% AS from building both Malady and The Black Cleaver.

    Please, let me know your opinion about it and discuss if you would like to see this item in the game.

    • (2035g)
      • (400g)
      • (400g)
      • (435g)
      • 800g
    • (1550g)
    • 300g

    • Ruhgosk Chopper's passive doesn't stacks with 's passive, neither with the current 's one.
    • The very first auto attack does not get the benefit of the armor and magic resistance reduction. Any damage from the auto attack is calculated first, and the debuff is applied after. This means the full benefit of the reduction is seen on …

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