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AP on-hitters

Hello, Myself_v1.0 here (Not yourself, MYself. Ok, that was lame. Sorry.) again with another of his blogs that simply just do not go anywhere. Today I want to talk about AP on-hitters, characters, some known as "AP/AS hybrids", someothers known as "LB rushers". I have some mixed feelings about them.

In my opinion, they are the funniest kind of AP in the game. I am not much into AP characters, the only one I play outside the forementioned kind of characters is Amumu, and that is where the coincidences end. I am more into AD characters, or pure tanks, and partly, I think that is why I like the design of a character who autoattacks with magic. Although probably I like them the most because in other games I always play the typical mageknight.

The reason why I am making this blog, however, is because I am beginning to concern about the balance system Riot is using on these characters, and the reception the community has with them, sometimes justified tho.

For starters, like with every AP character, an AP on-hitter has to be planned with a default total burst. It is true that unlike LB rushers, AP/AS hybrids are supposed to have sustained damage instad of burst, but still, given that their main source of damage is AP, they also have some innate burst up to a degree. While the common AP characters has a total burst of around 800+(250% AP), an AP on-hitter will probably have 750+(200% AP), or even less. And why do I say even less? Well, it is because of the type of items they use, unlike other AP's. On one side, whe have Lich Bane; this thing is going to add 50+(75% AP) to your total burst, breaking any previous picture of the total burst your character had. Are you playing with Poppy? Good, add LB to her, and everybody will die under your hammer with a Devastating Blow. Lich bane is truly terrific, with a good amount of AP, of course, but it has two little brothers that sometimes are even scarier: The Arcane Blade mastery, and the Nashor's Tooth item. I swear sometimes I shiver when thinking about how much damage they can provide together. You give that 15+(20% AP) to Kayle, and congratulations, you have amplified Righteous Fury by a 50%, if you give it to Nami, you will amplify her Tidecaller's Blessing by a 100%. But there is something even scarier, and it is when Arcane Blade, Nashor's Tooth, and Lich Bane stack together, resulting in a 65+(95% AP) magic damage. Basically, it is like building season 2 LB, but even better, due the seasonal change from physical to magical, and the additional damage. Sure, you have to build two items instead of one, but per example, if instead of combining Lich Bane with that Mace of Spades, you hit first with LB+NT+Arcane blade, and then with Mordekaiser's Q+NT+Arcane blade, you will improve your burst by 80+(115% AP). Right, the additional base damage is not much, but the additional 115% AP ratio is simply wonderful. So, with this combo, an AP on-hitter with the previous total burst of 750+(200% AP), will instead have a 830+(315% AP) total one. With AP masteries, AP quints, NT+LB+Rabadon's Deathcap, that's a friggin' huge amount of 2109 raw damage!

That made me look back at this kind of characters. I understand that not all can be the same, and that due design variety, some of then are going to have more burst than others. Still, some have really low burst, while others have exceptionally high bust, being in some cases NECESSARY to increase their sustained damage by a 50~100%, or to add the forementioned 80+(115% AP), but in other cases, it is simply a an absurdity to increase it even more. This is why I still do not understand why they keep nerfing Kayle since the beginnings of S3 when her burst is nothing but a joke, neither why they nerfed Fizz's Seastone Trident, when apparently it was not the oddest part of his kit. I also do not understand why people do not use Nami more like an offensive character, when, even without the mastery and items quoted in the previous paragraph, she has a 960~1130+(180~220% AP) total burst. To put it simply (TL;DR comes here): I just do not understand Riot's and the community critera towards these kind of characters.

Also, I do not understand the seemingly "hatred" that some players still have to Nashor's tooth. Given the previous reasons, I think it is actually a very strong item, and Riot behaved very nicely with the community when they did what it wanted and "improved" Malady. The only thing I do not understand about the item, is when are they going to give it Malady's icon, the now extint Spellsword's mastery icon, or at least one that is not a Stinger pallete-swap.

And now... Now I want to hear your opinions. Thank you all for reading my rantings, and have a good day.

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