Let me start with a preamble. You see, LoL it's pretty fun, even for a MMORPG guy like me that has never played a MOBA before. Love the design of characters, love the synergy between some of them, etc. But you see, people like me often see the building aspect so much funny as the game itself, spending hours theorizing, thinking of a standard build for a champ, masteries+runes+starting items for a merry early game, situational variations, other viable items, testing the build ingame and see if it fits your style, and also comparing it with other people's builds. But let's face it, there's always something that munchkins/leets like me feel very juicy: Hybrids.

Usually, a hybrid is a character that mixes two roles (Not necessarily 50-50) to improve their presence in a game, however, in LoL a hybrid character is somebody who mixes two stats that are seen like opposing, like AD and AP. Jax is one of the best examples of this: He can be built mixing AD and AP, and still can be viable as a carry, one role. There are also other characters with both AD and AP scalings that can lead to believe that they're hybrids too, like Ezreal. However, characters like Ez often find themselves stuck in just one kind of stat, building fully AD or fully AP, thus becoming able to fill the role of a carry or a mage, but never both. And like Ez, there's a whole list of characters with the same case of "apparently hybridization" that can't be built hybrid and be so much viable in so many situations as a one-stat focused build.

Of course being unable to find a viable hybrid build for some of these characters frustrates me, but my point is: Do you think these characters were made to be hybrids and designers did not know what they were doing? Or are they intentionally made to fit just one role from an ample range of possible roles? Also, would you like to see more hybrids around?

Thanks in advance.