I know this map is not very popular among a lot of players because they prefer SR, ARAM, or they don't find it balanced enough (Which 50% of the time means "I'm butthurt because a melee carry roflstomped me", lol). But then, there are players that really enjoy this kind of gameplay, and after getting accustomed again to it since the rework, I think setting some kind of team comp would make this map easier for more people.

Which team comp do you think would be optimal in this map? I think there are some characters that are pretty much obviously more viable than others here, and my team comp would be:

·A tanky AP: It's pretty much obvious for me that tanky APs work better here than the rest of AP characters because of Wooglet's witchcap. Afterall, Zhonya's hourglass should be core on them in Summoner's rift, so here it should be far more useful. Cho'Gath and Gragas would be my first choices for this map. Amumu and Ryze are other two good choices too, although Amumu would have to spend some more money than in SR in order to build Blackfire torch instead of Liandry's torment. Some supports can be built as tanky APs too, like Alistar or Nautilus.

·An aggresive and self-sustained bruiser: Given the gameplay style of Twisted treeline, I think bruiserish characters that can full throttle on their victims work best, specially those regarded as junglers on SR. Udyr, Trundle and Xin Zhao work great regarding these matters. Irelia and Jayce might do well too (I'm not very good with them, so I can't know). Mundo was king in the old days of TT given how unkillable he was when Warmog's armor was available, and maybe he can still do well, but I feel that now he's kinda underwhelming, same goes for Volibear.

·The third teammate is the one that I'm not sure about. I think the best choice here would be a map awareness champ like Teemo, Maokai, Caitlyn, Nidalee, and to some exent, Zyra and Heimer. This can prove an advantage, since there are no wards available in this map, and it will force the enemy team to build The lightbringer and/or buy Oracle's extract (Although I'm thinking mainly about Teemo here). My main reason for not picking here an ADC is mostly because the gameplay of TT tends to finish before the ADC becomes a threat for the enemy team. And then, although AD casters fit that bill, there's no The Bloodthirster in this map, which tends to be core on them.

Opinions, please? Thanks in advance.