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LoL Ventrilo channel!

N00bd0wn November 19, 2010 User blog:N00bd0wn

Summoners! My good friend Teathy created a Ventrilo server solely for the LoL community! We want this community to become closer together and so we are here to serve you and all your world wide communication needs. So, without further ado, here is the information!

Name: KittiezVent

Hostname: kittiezvent.com Port: 34506

100 Slot Server

About Us: KittiezVent is a 100 slot Ventrilo server strictly for the League of Legends community! Find other players, assemble an arranged team, talk to your fellow gamers, meet new people, make new friends, etc! We are doing this to help better the League of Legends community! Best of all, it is entirely FREE!

We are also offering PRIVATE channels for you teams who want to have their own channel. Creating one of these is FREE!

If you need any help feel free to PM me in the server!

Current admins: SilverTeath (Teathy), Kantel, klutch2013 - Andre, n00bd0wn, VihnTran

If you don't have Ventrilo, you can download absolutely free here: http:// ventrilo.com/download.php (No space)

See you in the server, and on the Fields of Justice, Summoners! ^_^

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