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  • N00bpl0x

    Okay, so let me start off this blog by saying that I am usually a really calm-mannered and collected player. I don't rage often, and even when I do, I rage by myself, don't type it or channel it to others.

    Up until recently atleast.

    As of how I am now, I get really mad if someone feeds, or doesn't help with objectives or leaves me to die for a kill on the 0/5 Ahri, when I am 6/1.. I have never had this problem before pretty much. It just kinda.. Sneaked in. This is making my friends not like playing with me anymore, and it's affecting me personally, since I tend to say stuff I will regret saying later on when I get mad, be it games, or actually concerning stuff the source of my anger.

    How can I fix this easier? How do you guys keep calm when …

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  • N00bpl0x

    First of all, I got inspired to write this blog post after Ive witnessed countless people tell others that were asking "whos the best adc" in YT, this wiki, forums etc.  that its either Tristana, Caitlyn, Vayne, Draven or Ezreal.  Now, why are these ADCs considered superior over the other ADCs by most of the community? Im gonna say right now that my games with ADCs are very small in numbers but I still have the basic mechanics down for most of em, with Twitch and Draven I am very good though. What makes Vayne any better than Corki, Corki has armor shred, which is huge both in the earlygame and lategame, a good utility spell, and a basic nuke PLUS long-range poke with his ult. Vayne has a situational stun, abit of true dmg and 2 dmg steroid…

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  • N00bpl0x

    Now guys, first of all, I admit that I fuck up some games too, just had a 1/8 Zed game yesterday but thats not the point of this blog post.

    So today I went on a Zed marathon on normals with a couple pals and had a relatively good KDR in every game, helped my team out too.  However I lost 4 of the 8 games I played. Now, I get that people lose games yeah, but I and atleast 1 or 2 of my friends were doing really well too. What caused the defeat?  No one wandered out of the group and we had relatively even teamfights. Was it because of the enemys teamcomp being better, or was it just bad play by me and my buds?   Does this happen to you guys often,sometimes or never?

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