Okay, so let me start off this blog by saying that I am usually a really calm-mannered and collected player. I don't rage often, and even when I do, I rage by myself, don't type it or channel it to others.

Up until recently atleast.

As of how I am now, I get really mad if someone feeds, or doesn't help with objectives or leaves me to die for a kill on the 0/5 Ahri, when I am 6/1.. I have never had this problem before pretty much. It just kinda.. Sneaked in. This is making my friends not like playing with me anymore, and it's affecting me personally, since I tend to say stuff I will regret saying later on when I get mad, be it games, or actually concerning stuff the source of my anger.

How can I fix this easier? How do you guys keep calm when everything goes downhill in-game, or when your teammates don't listen to you and get caught afterwards? Any help would be appreciated.