First of all, I got inspired to write this blog post after Ive witnessed countless people tell others that were asking "whos the best adc" in YT, this wiki, forums etc.  that its either Tristana, Caitlyn, Vayne, Draven or Ezreal.  Now, why are these ADCs considered superior over the other ADCs by most of the community? Im gonna say right now that my games with ADCs are very small in numbers but I still have the basic mechanics down for most of em, with Twitch and Draven I am very good though. What makes Vayne any better than Corki, Corki has armor shred, which is huge both in the earlygame and lategame, a good utility spell, and a basic nuke PLUS long-range poke with his ult. Vayne has a situational stun, abit of true dmg and 2 dmg steroids. In my experience, Corki wins that lane.

And now ill come to the 2nd point of this blog post: Twitch is a very underrated ADC, Ive seen people in more than a few games say this: "omg twitch how are you fed?!?!?!" I dont really understand, he has a true dmg tick, in late game its basically a weaker ignite, a stealth ability which transforms into an AS steroid, a slow and passive stacker, and a gamechanging ult(more AD, huge range boost, and AoE on AAs) He has all this but almost no one picks him since atm at the peak of his pickings, he had only an 18,95% pick rate whilst Ezreal has 18,76% pick rate at his lowest point. Sure, Ez has a global ult but in the end, how many of those snipes actually hit? I would love to have somekind of clarity to this since Im personally very confused about this. My opinion probably is a very biased one, but please dont judge me if it indeed is a very biased one, that was not the point of this blog post. I would especially appreciate if you guys, who main the very popular ADCs, would come out and tell me what makes them so good, since I have no idea on how to ADC with anything else than Twitch and Draven