I have been thinking about this alot, but They should make some champions off of characters from "Castlevania:Judgment" Copyright I know, but they have move sets that would seem they could be great additions to league. Like for example Aeon

Passive)Extension: after an ability that he uses his next autoattack will extend his sword forward in a line dealing damage to all those infront of him, this passive does not slow-only those that are hit with after image are slowed. This ability does not stack. Extension will end if He does not attack within 5 seconds. Extension has a 3 second cooldown.

Q) After Image: He dashes forward a set distance, creating an image of himself from where he activated the ability. After 1 second the image will target the closest enemy and use extension and slows those that are hit, once after image hits an enemy with extension it will quickly vanish. If after image does not hit anyone under 10 seconds The image will quickly vanish.

W) The clock strikes thrice, he throws his clock up. the hands extend out striking 3 times all around him dealing (AOE) damage and slows those that are hit but remains in place during the cast

E) Chrono-Cessation, He sends a stop watch forward works like Lux's aoe slow but doesnt do damage, and quickly stuns any enemies in the aoe.

R) The Thirteenth Hour, Throws a bind over 1 enemy after a few seconds Stuns the enemy and forms a circle of daggers around the target,  The daggers remain in place, If He lands an extension onto the target it will take away armor-Magic resist and or increases damage from all sources by a % for 10 seconds,after 5 seconds the circle of daggers then one at a time but very quickly jab it's target dealing damage(%)

This Champion is meant to be a SUPPORT/MAGE/ASSASSIN/MELEE CHAMPION.

Would like some feedback -NBlitZ