Hello fellow summoners. Here is Nabukad, or the way you know as Nebucched, with a troublesome question. This has been bothering me for a very long time, and couldn't find a logical answer for this. Why our distinguished female champions, except a few, are so damn sexy?

Well, I guess you all could accept this. They are intentionally created sexy, with no doubts. Pretty big boobs, sexy clothing and the way they look in splashes, they are like working in a whorehouse. This is kinda stupid like Super Woman, no girl would dress dat hot to fight. But this could be, well, acceptable for to one point because we all know this is a game, and dem sexy girls make this game even better. But, I think Riot is abusing this passion which is simply coming from human nature.

Except some specific champions like Tristana or Evelynn, they are sexy enough to make me fap three times in a row. Let's look at some examples now. Starting with Miss Fortune and her skins, overrated boobs, damn thin waist, and prostitue-ish way of acting, she is a total whore. Nidalee. And her last skin, Head Hunter one. Caitlynn and her Officer skin, like jumping off from a huge dick. Ahri's own splash. Dem legs! Hearthseeker Vayne. Blood Moon Akali. Elise herself! Fiora's ass! Dat ass of crazy cold Irelia! Janna's skirt! Kittykat Katarina! LebLanc's pose! And so on.

I didn't consider this as a serious problem until Jinx's splash reveal. This is some deep shit bro! She looks no more than 17, with the surprising choice of small boobs, actually no boobs, yet she is one of the sexiest champs in our fellow game! Dat made me feel like the pedo-bear! She is somebody that I want to goose every whole in her. Aint no good niqqas, aint no good.

Now, dont get me wrong, I'm a pretty open minded guy considering my country and so, but I feel no hesitation to confess that I'm a total pervert. Dont judge me early, I studied in a all-damn-man-highschool for fuck*ng 4 years and I still bear negative effects of it. But look at what society made us guys. Like Korn says: "Aaaall daayy I dreeaam aboouuuut seeeexxxx". I'm just curious if Riot is one of the guilties on this.

So, I'm eagerly waiting for your thoughts on this. Please comment if you read it. Hadi eyvallah.